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2014 Claiborne County Fair Schedule
                 Gates open at 5:00 p.m. daily                    
                                                     Pay $12 At The Gate                                                             
                                   Claiborne County Fair Association   
                         For booth rental space call 423-441-0137 or 865-585-1343
The Claiborne County Fair Association is a non-profit organization, with 100% of money raised going back into the club to sponsor events, to make repairs and upgrades to the grounds, or donated to the community.  None of our members are paid. We are all volunteers, and work almost year round to prepare for up-coming events.  The CCFA is a big family with members ranging from 18 to 55. However, there are no age limits.  We are always looking for new members! Prospective members must be willing to work and eager to help out with community events.  If you have any questions, concerns, or are interested in joining please see our "contact us" page to let us know you would like to attend our next meeting.
                                                          For Information
                                                       Call - Tammy England At 423-526-8917
                                       CLAIBORNE COUNTY FAIR ASSOCIATION
                                                                      2014 demoltion derby
                                                               The Claiborne County Fair Association
                                                                          proudly presents its.
                                                                 4-CYLINDER DEMOLITION DERBY   
                                                                         Thursday August 28
                                                                      $1200 To Win $25 entry fee
                                                                               ( Total Purse )
                                                                        REGULAR ANNUAL DERBY
                                                                 8=6 CYLINDER DEMOLITION DERBY
                                                                          Thursday August 28
                                                                       $2500 To Win $35 entry fee
                                                                              ( Total Purse )
                        NO FULL FRAME CARS.MALE & FEMALE.
1. A drivers meeting will be held approximately one-half hour before show time. ALL DRIVERS MUST ATTEND All cars must be in pit area for inspection one half hour before drivers meeting.
2 All cars must be 1980 and newer full body passenger cars or station wagons.NO TRUCKS, AMIBUANCES,HEARSTS, CHRYSLER INPERIALS, JEEPS, LIMOUSINES, CARRY ALLS OR FOUR WHEEL DRIVE VEHICLES Will be allowed to compete. Frame must not have anyalterations.In 4-cylinder class front wheel or rear wheel are allowed. NO FULL FRAME CARS. No wedge cars will be permitted. No diesel engines.  
3. Reinforcement allowed in front doors only and all car doors must be welded or chained shut. No metal is allowed on outside ofcar, except on drivers door Inside safety cages can not be welded To theframe or the floor.
4 Drivers door must be painted bright RED. All cars must be clearly numbered on both sides and on top of vehicle .
5. Cutting of fender wells and exhaust pipes through hood is allowed.
6. Batteries must be removed from engine compartment.
7. Electric fans will be permitted.
8. No spring blocks, raises, shackles or air shocks will be permitted. Car suspension must bounce front and rear.
9. All glass and chrome must be removed from vehicles.
10. No liquid filled or double tires are permitted. Tires must not be over 16 inches .
Passenger tires only will be permitted. Wheels must be standard. No modification other than valve stem protectors.
11. Fuel cells must be secured tightly in rear passenger section of car and old fuel cells must be removed from underneath vehicle.
13. All hoods and trunks much be chained shut (limited to two chains each). Trunks much be empty of debris. Any bolts through trunks and hoods must be no more than 1/2 inch in diameter AND NO
14. There can be no more than ten (10) feet of chain used on front and rear of car, and no more than four (4) foot of chain can be used on each door
16. Cars must make initial contact within 20 seconds of start of each event.
17.Stalled cars have 60 seconds to restart and an additional 15 seconds to make contact. The last car that made a hit will be the winner if both cars are no longer hitting each other.
18. All drivers mush wear seatbelts and a helmet. Safety goggles or a shield is suggested.
19. Driver may enter only one car per heat and heat winners must drive the same car in the feature that they drove in the heat.
20. No one is allowed in : the pit : during any of the races.
NOTE: Any questions concerning the rules are to be asked during the drivers" meeting.NO protesting allowed once the competition has begun. The decisions of the judges arefinal, and anyone not adhering to these rules is subject to being removed from the fairgrounder the same night as the show.  
Hey everybody! We"ve got some rule changes this year for the V8 derby. You may run homemade bumpers, must have factory chrome skin and have stock appearance. You may seam weld bumpers, you can load factory bumpers, Bumpers cannot have sharp points or edges, or you will cut it off. Bumper height is 24 inches to the bottom of the bumper in front and no lower than 16 inches in the back, Hump plates are allowed and can be no thicker then 1/4 inch and must be no longer than 24 inches,Also you can run any wheel and tire combination "bobcat tires, forklift tires, solid tires, etc..,". Looking forward to the last week in August !